Why I don’t like ‘NEET’

I object to the use of the term “NEETs” on the basis that it categorises and labels young people as indefinitely Not in Education, Employment or Training [why is NEET never applied to jobless adults?].

The phrase NEET on its own does not inherently suggest that the individual to whom it is applied can, and will never get a job, but it has come to be used as a label applied to a young people in such a way that it reinforces the feelings of hopelessness that this is their permanent state of being. Therefore as a youth worker I prefer to add prefixes such as ‘currently’ or ‘at the time’, and if possible expand the acronym. In doing so I’m attempting to focus on the individual and describe the situation they are in as unemployed, rather make unemployment their identity.

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One thought on “Why I don’t like ‘NEET’

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