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Youth Residential? What’s The Worst That Can Happen?


It started on the journey to the residential centre. A joke between leaders (referencing the Top Gear OAP car) almost resulted in a severe beating by a group that were quite possibly Paralympic rugby players. We talked our way out of a pasting, but not a good start to the trip. However also not the worst that could happen.

On arriving at the residential centre, everything initially seemed to be going well, until the our group started to strip the building of anything they deemed of value, pipe work, locks, taps, roof lead etc, before disappearing into the woods in all directions with their loot. Not all of the young people left however. One stayed behind and started a Hot Fuzz style armed battled between himself (armed with a shotgun) and two or three of the remaining leaders (armed with a blunderbuss). It did not end well.

Ok, clearly this was a dream. A bad dream. It would appear that I was getting more anxious than I realised about the upcoming residential. It will all be ok, I’m sure. However if you are planning a¬†Youth Residential or trip to Soul Survivor and someone ways “What’s the worst that can happen?” feel free to point them here and I dare you to work some of this into your Risk Assessment. In fact if you do get any reference to this in your risk assessment I want to see a copy of that document.

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