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I think I’m in Manchester for #YWS14

…but I feel disconnected.
At previous youth work summits I have had weeks of build up making plans, discussing things via twitter etc.

This year is different. [For reasons I am yet to blog about] I have been too busy to stop or to prepare myself. Just sitting here reading the programme for the first time it is dawning on me how much I have been rushing from one thing to another without space to breathe. I’m really hoping, actually please pray, that I am able to switch off from everything else and fully engage in the moment. And get much needed refreshment and inspiration throughout the day.

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Exodus 24:15-18

Reflecting on Moses’ experience in Exodus 24:15-18, makes me think that there may be times when we can approach God’s presence, maybe even see time a work, but not necessarily hear him speak. This encourages me as not to give up. Moses’ experience was that the cloud ws seen on the mountain for six days before God spoke on t seventh day, and then Moses entered GOD’S presence for 40 days. Maybe times when you can se God but not hear his voice are, times o waiting from the seventh day, after which you can really enter a experience the presence of God.

It also strikes me that it is the seventh day when GOD’S voice is heard. [With te caveat that all of this is unresearched reflection] I’m also left reflecting why God spoke on the seventh day, a day of ‘rest’. Which reminds me of the need to stop, to have Sabbath, and to allow God to speak.

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